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To a believer, there's nothing like feeling the presence of Mary.


My Ukrainian friends have all told me how they feel the power of prayers and need them.


Just before the war was about to take place, my dear friend Fr. Taras had told me they saw it coming. When I had asked him "What can we do ?", he had replied : "Send French icons of Mary to soldiers". There was born my humble idea to send medals of Mary to Ukraine : to Ukrainian soldiers, civilians, mothers, fathers, brothers, children, wives, grannies, to let them know we pray for them and more importantly, Mary stands by them.


Kind christians from France and even Mauritius island joined me in and provided 5000 miraculous medals altogether. I prepared some cards to let Ukrainian know the spirit of this humble initiative. And this is just the beginning I hope. 

May medals of Mary from ALL OVER THE WORLD flow onto Ukrainian soil, for Ukrainians to feel Mary's presence on their holy martyrised land.

On March 10, children at my son's school started to prepare the first batch.

Hence innocent hands send Mary's love & healing to a crucified yet faithful nation to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate heart. Indeed, Ukraine has been consecrated to Mary several times since 1037. The lastest was in 2020.


You are invited to join in :


- say the prayer where you are


- send medals to Ukraine


In order to cover Ukraine with a veil of ongoing prayer, here's a proposition to say a short prayer, once or several times a day, all accross the globe.

Since we live under different time zones, it might become an ongoing 24/7 prayer if we each and all get a little involved, and why not, share it with our entourage and even at large !

World prayer for Ukraine & peace in the world

Whether a believer or not, one just needs to open their heart and speak their own words to pray.

We recommend this short prayer which gathers eastern and western names of Mary, so that participants foster peace to prevail in Ukraine and build worldwide bridges between east and west hence help humanity breathe with their two lungs.

Thoughout centuries Mary has given different messages in her numerous apparitions worldwide. Mary has notably recognized her presence in Ukraine from where she stands & observes the world (Seredne, 1953) and requested for Russia to return to their faith (Hrushiv, 1914 and Fatima, 1917). Hence the references to Zarvanytsia & Pokrov (Ukraine), Kazan (Russia), and Lourdes as well as the Miraculous Medal (France) which wearing grants its owner Mary's protection. In Finally, the well-known Polish Our Lady of Częstochowa, a Hodegetria virgin, reminds us that she is Our Lady Who Shows us the Way.

For Ukraine to be definitely fred from the russian yoke, for Russia to be fred from dictatorship & become a genuine democracy, for peace in the world, let us join all together under her loving arms :

"O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. 
Our Lady of Pokrov, pray for Ukraine.
Our Lady of Zarvanytsia, save Ukraine. 
Our Lady of Kazan, free Russia.
Our Lady of Fatima, save the world.
Our Lady of Częstochowa, show us the way.
Our Lady of Lourdes, heal the world.
Our Lady of Vyzhgorod, grant peace to the world."

Feel free to join our Telegram circle so we count you in and feel your energy !

We can also share these words if we happen to connect at the same time !

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les petites mains de Marie
La Médaille Miraculeuse en ukrainien
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les petits paquets de Marie pour l'Ukraine.jpg
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